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2013.04.22 【LS】Application Guidance for  October 2013 Course was updated.
2013.01.14 【LS】Application Guidance for  July 2013 Course was updated.
2012.10.29 【LS】Application Guidance for April 2013 Course was updated.   
2012.09.18 【SC】Application Guidance for April 2013 Course was updated. 
2012.06.25 【LS】Application Guidance for January 2013 Course was updated. 
2012.05.15 【SC】Application Guidance for October 2012 Course was updated.
2012.04.25 Number of application to our Auditor Course is incleasing.
2012.04.16 【SC】【LS】 "Statement of Graduates and Students" was updated.
2012.04.12 【LS】Application Guidance for October 2012 Course was updated. 
2012.04.02 【SC】 Admission Ceremony for April 2012 students was held.
2011.12.08 【LS】【PC】Application Guidance for July 2012 Course was updated.
2011.12.02 Quick Estimation for Matriculates of the Year 2012 was updated.
2011.09.22 【LS】Poster for student recruitment is ready now.
2011.08.09 Page of Japanese Auditor Course was updated.
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